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Here are some ways to relieve dry, itchy skin in dogs.

  • Assess your dog's grooming routine : If you're using a harsh shampoo on your dog's skin, it may be stripping the skin surface of essentials oils and aggravating your dog's dry skin. Choose an all natural dog shampoo with essential oils formulated for dogs with sensitive skin. You can also purchase canine creme rinses that have added hydrocortisone to relieve severe itching and reduce inflammation. One such product is Itch Stop Crème Rinse for dogs carried by Foster and Smith. This can provide welcome relief to a dog persecuted by severe itching due to dry skin or allergies.
  • Assess your dog's nutrition : Nutrition can play an important role in eliminating dry, flaky skin in a dog. Be sure that you're feeding your dog a nutritionally balanced diet. If you're using commercial dog food, use a premium brand and supplement with Omega-3 fatty acid supplements. Deficiency in essential fatty acids can often present with dry, flaky skin in dogs. A balanced diet and supplementation with high quality fatty acids can often correct the problem of dry, itchy skin in dogs.
  • Try the oatmeal routine : An oatmeal paste can be quite soothing to dry, itchy skin in a dog. To make an oatmeal salve, mix oatmeal with water to form a thick paste. Apply it to your dog's skin and place a warm towel over the area. Keep your dog calm for fifteen minutes before removing the towel and the oatmeal paste. Apply this treatment every day and you should see improvement over time. You can also purchase oatmeal dog shampoos that have a soothing effect on canine skin.

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